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For a limited time get 5 FREE flooring samples shipped to your offi for FREE!
Making the right decision for your market and your project  is the most important thing. Whether it's porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles, or glass mosaics, marble mosaics we're looking at something small and trying to picture it on a large scale. We also never look at just one sample. For a limited time, Tilesceramics will send you up to 5 free flooring samples and we'll even pay the postage. If you still can't decide, just call one of our factory trained flooring representatives at 0086-13929916799 and we'll get you squared away.

Sample Shipping Options:After cutted Samples size in 100x100mm.  

  1. USPS / DHL / TNT Priority Mail with Tracking Number - Up to 5 samples  for $30 to-$60.00 FREE! 

Once you find out samples you need, Please contact us and give us info. below: 

     1. Our item no. and photos you need (So that we can arrange the right samples for you)

:Original size Samples in 300x300mm,300x600mm,600x600mm

  1.    USPS / DHL / TNT Priority Mail with Tracking Number - Up to 2 samples  for $100-$200 not FREE!