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What's Vitrified Tile?


What's Vitrified Tile?

Vitrified tile Charateristics:
Vitrified tile is the shiny tile by polishing the full body tiles surface, which belongs to full body tiles. The ceramic tiles whose water absorption is less than 0.5% are vitrified tiles, the polished tile whose water absorption is less than 0.5% is also vitrified tile(greater than 0.5& would only be polished tile while not vitrified tile). Due to low water absorption, its hardness is also relatively high, not easy to scratch.

Vitrified tiles Application:
With the increasing development of ceramic technology, large format vitrified tiles have become mainstream in home decoration. This kind of ceramic tile has natural stone texture, high brightness, high hardness, high wear resistance, low water absorption, less color difference, diverse specifications and rich colors, etc. What's more, the porcelain vitrified tiles made by modern techonology can be artificially controlled in the color, pattern and luster, which have excellent decorative effect. And the products blending European and Chinese Styles, colors are varied and diverse, which have modern style wheather decorated indoors or outdoors.