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China Tilesceramics customers services and advantages

We are Foshan city area Polished tiles, porcelain tiles, glazed tiles, ceramic tiles, glass mosaic tiles, marble mosaic, and other decor tiles direct manufacture and exporter. We choose and export with additional services a complete range of tiles from ourself and selected factories network.

May we introduce us with some reasons why we enjoy the confidence of worldwide customers:

1.      Over 3000 producers of tile are located in Guangdong Foshan area and many factories move to other province like Jianxi,Shandong, Guangxi, Fuji. It is quite arduous for a foreign buyer, even if he comes to China, to know which producers are the good ones to choose.

2.      There is not always an English speaking person in the sale department.

3.      Some factories manufacture only a very few number of models. Some factories have good products but they can’t offering good service and good price for exporting. More of them don’t know customer’s marketing and what really they need. Easy to have problem not only quality of products, but also like delivery date, package, container loading, label info, samples offering, quality problem solving etc.

4.      Some customers need to visit the factory but how to be sure the models they see in the showroom are actually produced by the factory.

5.      How to be sure the chosen tile models will be the delivered ones with the same production batch color nuance in the cartons.

6.      How will be the deliveries accordance for orders sent from the buyer overseas office.

7.      How long the importer can expect to get the same contact in the export department.

8.      How to mix tiles from several factories and manage a reliable loading and shipping.

We supply tiles towards Africa, the Americas, Asia, Australia and Europe; feel free to ask for some references.

We welcome all our present partners and our new customers in this field to visit our products pages and send enquiries which will be follow up once personally by our export manager.